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 Best Rules Ever

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PostSubject: Best Rules Ever   Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:46 pm

Here they are.

1. Don't be a dick if you don't need to be one.

We want everyone to get along. If someone's being a dick to you though, just take it to
the PM's. Nobody else wants to hear it.

2. No porn or excessive amounts of swearing.

The porn thing's not our rule, its forummotion's. Believe me, if they didn't have it, we
wouldn't either. And excessive swearing's just annoying.

3. Don't spam.

(10:33:45)Spartawolf: bootlickers
(10:33:47)Spartawolf: bootlickers
(10:33:50)Spartawolf: bootlickers
(10:33:52)Spartawolf: bootlickers
(10:33:56)Spartawolf: bootlickers

4. Don't advertise your own forum here.

That means you, People's Republic of Sparta.

I'm glad that we understand each other.

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Best Rules Ever
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