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 Current and/or planned team for 5th gen

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PostSubject: Current and/or planned team for 5th gen    Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:42 am

So, I was just wondering what is your current and/or planned team for 5th gen? I have went through it once, I am currently going through it a second time, and I will do a third time (White, Black, then Gray, respectively). I'm just gonna go ahead and post my planned team for my current run.

Emboar - Fire/Fighting type. Earthquake, Flare Blitz, Head Smash, Hammer Arm.

As you can see, my Emboar will be based on pure and raw power. It may not be the best strategic and accurate plan, but it is definitely effective in it's own way.

Simisage - Grass type. Seed Bomb, SolarBeam, Shadow Claw, Energy Ball.

Shadow Claw is it's only diverse move, sadly. But the rest of my Pokemon cover all of Simisage's weaknesses, not only by their types but also by their diverse moves.

Swanna - Water-Flying type. Rain Dance, Hurricane, Fly, Surf.

Might be the weakest out of all my Pokemon, but that doesn't mean it's bad.. it's just the worst out of my awesome team.

Vanilluxe - Ice type. Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hidden Power (I don't know what yet, I haven't really gotten to when Juniper gives you the TM), Flash Cannon.

Vanilluxe has a bit of diversity, not much, since by TM it learns mostly Normal moves.

Eelektross - Electric type. Crush Claw, Discharge, Thunderbolt, Dragon Claw.

Eelektross might be the ace of my team until I get my 6th Pokemon, but it definitely has good diversity and basically can destroy many things, without needing super-effective at all.

Hydreigon - Dark-Dragon type. Dragon Pulse, Surf, Crunch, Flamethrower.

Awesome diversity, awesome Pokemon, not-so awesome Pulse move. Dragon Pulse is definitely useful, but sadly I'm just too lazy to trade over a Seviper/Arbok with Dark Pulse and let Hydreigon breed-learn it. Hey, Crunch is still a good Dark move, isn't it?

This is my dream team.. I have looked through them.. what I love about them is each one covers another one's weakness. So.. what is yours!?
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Current and/or planned team for 5th gen
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