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 Fifth gen news stand!(Winter!)

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PostSubject: Fifth gen news stand!(Winter!)   Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:52 pm

Hello everyone! It is your favorite raisin, Razi, here with something new. So, I am on another forum and they had a topic like this, so...yeah.Anyways, So this is a Fifth Gen News Stand!So yeah, I will update this every Monday with stuff.So yeah, click the words in orange to go to the websites.

12-6-10 news(Winter world, the event move, fling)
Hey everyone, Welcome to December, we are now 1 month old!(I was watching TV earlier and I was watching a commercial and it said Butt Lifting!LOL!)Today we go over the winter features, dream world locations, an event, and fling.

-Winter is here(especially in the Indy) and in Unova too.#585 and 586 are now: and .Also Unova's got some changes with the snow.Snowfall will hit Sekka City giving access to more areas and it will hit the ridge(wherever that is).Also Hiun City Ice Cream Shop will not sell Hiun Ices on Tuesday.Kumasyun is more easier to find and the Spheal line can be found.

-Dream world have gotten more items.Easy.

-An event for your b-day has started(Going to miss it till next year).You will get a special Togekiss with a special ability.Its ability is Super Luck and it is at Lv. 10.

-Now finally, Fling!List please:

Flame orb:Burns opponent
King's Rock:If flung before the opponent turn, the other pokemon flinches.
Light Ball: Paralyzes opponent
Poison Barb:Poisons opponent
Razor Fang:same as King's Rock
Toxic orb:Badly poisons opponent.

-Also, just went on pokebeach(on serebii for all of this)and the national for next year will be in...Drum roll please...Indianapolis, Indiana!I am hoping to go because I live like 20 miles away!Hope to see you there!

-7:14 PM update-so I went back on pokebeach earlier and new stuff leaked!Zorua and Zoroark are their english names.Also their categories are Tricky Fox Pokemon and the Illusion Fox Pokemon.Illusion keeps its name, but the attack Claw Sharpen has been renamed Hone Claws as Trickery has been renamed Foul Play.

11-28-10 news SPECIAL!
Okay, no new Pokemon facts this week(Happy Thanksgiving Day!), so...this week we got a special news cast.We are covering the Macy's parade and Movie 14. Which this brings this to this weeks question, What was your favorite part of the parade? Mine was the Pokemon which is our first thing.So our wonderful friend, Pikachu, made his 10th appearance.He was paired up with Resi and Zekro(Like their names?)But, look at Resi, noticed something is missing?Anyways, here is a video of the pokemon in the parade:
So, Pokemon Movie 14s' name has been leaked on the interwebs this week. This movie is Victini and the Dark Hero.Who could the dark hero be? Zekro, N, anyone? Guess then.
11-22-10 news
Well ladies and gentlemen, the time is Has posted stuff about fifth gen English! So here it it, Mijumaru, Smugleaf, and Pokabu's names+ISSHU'S NAME!
Isshu-Unova Region
Also to add to this, Zekrom will be known as the Deep Black Pokemon with the Teravolt ability and Reshiram will be known as the Vast White Pokemon with the Turboblaze ability.Go check here for more info about this.Now pics please:

Thank you for reading! New edition and stuff later next week! Bye and 'till next week, P-O-K-E-M-O-N! all pictures and facts come from pokebeach.I do not own anything in this except for the items.
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Fifth gen news stand!(Winter!)
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